A Promise and A Heart

A friendship born in turmoiled days

Unlikely, inauspicious start

In tiny unpretentious ways

They realign their unloved hearts 


The bonds begin to form and grow

The chemistry that love imparts

Beatific sacred moments sow

The seeds, the hope, the court and spark


A shadow falls on risk filled love

A guilt, a doubt, a question mark 

But still there's fit, the specialness

The head eclipsed by reckless heart


But then we reached the dread of change

A fright, a fear, the cruelest part

Reality checked, denial engrained

The colder head eclipsed the heart 


A church made promise re-awakes

The fledgling hopes and dreams depart

To keep the faith, the mission makes

You keep the promise, break the heart. 



January 2017.