The Man

He's on an Alsace cycle path 

This is our first of many meetings

To Strasbourg he is on his way

He passes but without a greeting


Next in France when nearing Speyer

A roadside bar he drinks his beer

We marvel at his stamina

We've no idea how he got here


He's there again near German Worms 

Old and short and rather round

It's him again we all exclaim

He covers unexpected ground


We see him next in Deutsch Boppard

Always red his cycling gear

Drooped moustache like handlebars

He pedals on despite his years


No luggage does he seem to take

He just turns up, we turn to stare

We're sure he hasn't passed us but

Amazingly he's turned up here


Is he flesh or merely ghost?

Do we see his shadow cast? 

Perhaps he thinks we're following him in

Or is he really stalking us?


Our last encounter comes in Koln 

The first time he is not alone

A woman shares his coffee stop

Perhaps she's come to take him home


June 2016