The Girls

Michaela guides our velo way 

Euro 15 our Cicerone guide

But can we trust all she can say

Or errors that she seeks to hide


We read her in the breakfast room

But can't remember all she says

To ascertain our route today

We have to stop to ask the way


Loretta marks our cumulative miles 

How far each day she has no clue

Each day she wants to be reset

Which Dave does not know how to do


Stephanie gave the current speed

And how far we have come this day

The max, the min, all in between

And temperatures along the way


But one day having been reset

She gives up all and nothing works

A brand new battery doesn't help

And temperatures are all she shows


Arabella has the maps 

A small blue dot shows where we are

Not always where we thought we were

Without her we would not get far


She also works the best route out

From where we are to red dropped pin

In metric or imperial 

Go left then right she guides us in


Dependant as she always is

On wifi or or a good 3G

So infrastructure will dictate

Whether she's awake or sleeps. 


June 2016