The Way We Went

The way we went, the long descent

The blazing sun, the aching bum

The clanking cogs, the barking dogs

The photo stop, the arty shot, 


The granny gear, and one more beer

The breakfast cake, the shoulder ache 

The queso sandwich, the spanish language

Huevos, patatas, ensaladas 


The wrong rear mech, the tarot deck

The courteous cars, the shuttered bars

The fingers numb, the tarmac hum,

The snow capped peaks, the roadside leaks,


Pollarded planes, the chain oil stains

The broken cleat, the cobbled street

The route re-planned, the dust and sand

The punctured tyre, the ferry fire


The pedalling, the headstrong wind

The sea shell sign, the church bell chime 

Another blog, the uphill slog

The Gaudi Tower, the welcome shower


The vaulted arch, Altamira art

The bedstead gate, the cheesecake slate

The rainbow lake, the squid and hake

The rebuilt mill, another hill 


The horses, cows, cathedrals

The morning chills and Baz's pills

The clear blue skies, the pesky flies 

The straight white line, Ribera wine


The rainy day, the pilgrim way 

The watering eye, the sad good bye 

The endless banter, zumo and Fanta,

The will to strive, the famous five


GMJ May 2019