See You in Blue

Friend of mine had a birthday in February of this year

So I posted her a card with a cornfield on

And I sent her some flowers with a message that said

These are for you - or something stupid like that

Cos I didn’t have the nerve to putt my name on the card

But once you’ve gone that far and let a little feeling out

You want to run and scream and tear your hair, you want to cry and shout

But you know before it starts that it won’t help you non

It won’t bring any cheer to this place, all it means is

You’ve seen the mirror in your face

And it scares you half to death to see how lonely you’ve become

And you know its getting worse as time goes on


And March is nearly over, I’ve had it with winter this year

It sometimes feels when clouds surround there’s no one left alive out there

And I want to talk to you, I want to be more than friends

I want to take you to the movies and hold your had

And I want to touch hearts with you, make me feel a man

And talk about poems and include you in plans

And it don’t help me to know that you don’t know just who I am

I only know its getting worse as time goes on


Well its been so long now that in the end its just pretend

I’ll probably never see you in but or send you flowers again

Bt it only goes to show that when you’re lonely on your own

You try to clutch at straws to make it in the end

Well I know that isn’t fair and its not anybody’s fault

If she lets go and you get hurt, you laugh and treat it as a joke

Well give it a few months and then I’ll feel fine

I don’t suppose I’ll even send you a card next time


March, 1982