The English Cycle Path

The dual carriageway has room 

on either side they found some space 

a narrow strip of tarmac makes

a lane of blessings mixed for us 

a cycle haven in run down state


The rushing cars out windows throw 

unwanted waste our lives demand 

the Tubourg* and the Carling* cans

the detritus as they go 

the wrappings from Mcdonald land


Flattened rabbits in the gutter

the tubes and hoses, planks and plastic 

unheeded calls on Marlborough  packets

butts and filters as if not litter

the broken inner bits of gadgets


Stones and chippings sharp as shrapnel

all of this hard not to hit

the cats eyes and the metal bits

the bike track haven counter factual

the crumbled bits of rumble strips


At traffic islands, filtered lanes 

your dirty often unkempt hosts

will disappear like transient ghosts

and leave you to your own sad fate

at just the point you need them most


June 2015

Begun during LeJog August 2011


*or The Iron Brew and the Red Bull cans, if you prefer